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SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Railway Exam Preparation

In this examination, 100 concerns will be asked from General Engineering (GE) area. We are supplying tests on alternate basis-Electronics & & Telecommunication Engineering / Physics/ Computer Science and Information Technology (CS IT). It will assist you to score excellent in GE section.The Examination will be held from 20th to 25 th November 2017in a computer system based pattern.

Q1.The frequency variety of audio signal is from
( a)20Hz to 2000 Hz
( b)20kHz to 20 MHz
( c)20Hz to 20 kHz
( d)20Hz to 20000 kHz

Q2.An electronic oscillator is a gadget which produces
( a) regulated provider waves
( b) light waves
( c) signal waves
( d) provider waves

Q3.The variety of the projectile depends upon the square of the preliminary speed and?
( a) sine of two times the forecast angle θ
( b) cosine of two times the task angle θ
( c) cot of two times the forecast angle θ
( d) sine of thrice the forecast angle θ

Q4. Which instrument is utilized to determine elevations in airplane’s?
( a) Audiometer
( b) Ammeter
( c) Altimeter
( d) Anemometer

Q5. Which instrument is utilized to determine depth of ocean?
( a) Galvanometer
( b) Fluxmeter
( c) Endoscope
( d) Fathometer

Q6.Convection is the procedure of heat transfer from one area to the next by:
( a) The motion of fluids
( b) The motion of kinetic energy
( c) The motion electro-magnetic waves
( d) None of the above

Q7. Who established the principle of inertia?
( a) Newton
( b) Galileo
( c) Johannes Kepler
( d) None of the above

Q8.The movement on a curved course, when one element of speed is continuous and the other varies is called?
( a) Projectile movement
( b) circular movement
( c) vibratory movement
( d) spin movement

Q9.The angle in between centripetal velocity and digressive velocity is?
( a)90°
( b) 0 °
( c)45°
( d)180°(***** )

Q10 Big angle produces?(******* )( a) curve trajectory
( b) flat trajectory
( c) high trajectory
( d) straight trajectory(***** )(******** ).(* )

SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Railway Exam Preparation


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