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SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Railway Exam Preparation

In this test, 100 concerns will be asked from General Engineering (GE) area. We are offering tests on the alternate basis- Electronics & & Telecommunication Engineering/ Physics/ Computer Science and Information Technology (CS IT). It will assist you to score well in GE section.The Examination will be held from 20 th to 25 th November 2017 in a computer-based pattern.

Q1. Which amongst the following is a cloud computing platform and facilities developed by Microsoft?
( a) Simple Storage Service
( b) Atmos
( c) OpenStack Swift
( d) Azure

Q2. Mozilla Firefox is a:
( a) Spreadsheet
( b) Word processing software application
( c) Web internet browser
( d) Programming software application

Q3. The conversion of the binary number 101001110112 into its decimal type is __________.
( a) 133910
( b) 134910
( c) 139310
( d) 193910

Q4. Which of the following is an OOP concept?
( a) Structured programs
( b) Procedural programs
( c) Inheritance
( d) Linking

Q5. Which of the following does most properly connects to Cathode Ray Tube?
( a) Keyboard
( b) Mouse
( c) Monitor
( d) Mother board

Q6. The layers of the OSI design, from the top down, are:
( a) application, discussion, session, transportation, network, information link, physical
( b) session, discussion, information transportation, MAC, network, physical
( c) physical, information link, network, transportation, session, discussion, application
( d) discussion, application, session, network, transportation, information link, physical

Q7. Which of the following holds true about Assembly language?
( a) It is a Machine Language
( b) It is a High-level programs language
( c) It is a low-level programs language
( d) It is a language for putting together computer systems

Q8. Functions of secrets F1, F2 and F3 are _____________ respectively.
( a) the triggering menu bar, search and relabeling the chosen icon
( b) search, reboot and triggering the menu bar
( c) triggering aid, relabeling chosen icon and search
( d) reboot, triggering aid and revitalize

Q9. Websites are developed by utilizing which amongst the following?
( a) SMTP
( b) HTML
( c) Usenet
( d) Internet

Q10 The very first electro-mechanical computer system MARK-1 created was by ______.
( a) Charles Pascal
( b) John W Mauchly
( c) Howard Aiken
( d) Clifford Berry

SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Railway Exam Preparation


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